Nature off limits


Dead Tree

Armed with tripod and iPod,  I went over to the ponds for tonight’s shoot (lack of car seriously limits my options).  It’s too light so I end up having to wait for the sun to set further behind the curvature of the earth.  I see a group of kids armed with flashlights heading undoubtably towards Pyestock, and I shed a metaphorical tear for the vandalism about to happen.  Anyway heres the fruits of tonight:

Construction Industry

So this afternoon, I ninja’d my way into a building site.  The polar opposite of my usual urbex infiltrations.  The construction rather than dereliction.  Several occasions sinking in wetsand, and over multiple fences, I was in.  So far I have only processed images from the digger depot.  And a view over the wasteland.   Standard hdr overkill.