Pyestock People Shots

Before we get cracking, these photos belong to Felix Russel-Saw, and are shots of us on site, rather than shots of the site.  I chose to do this simply because our other shoots don’t flaunt the good times we’ve had during infiltrations.  Copyrights belong to Felix and If you’d like contact details to purchase prints, or request photographic service, let me know and I’ll pass on your details to him.

Copyright 2010 by Felix Russel Saw


Cherry Picker

Ever since I found out about HDR photography years back, I absolutely hated overkilled HDR, but when I actually began to do my own, I loved to over do it, but I hated to see it inanybody elses work.  It’s been a weird relationship, so tonight I have done some subtle HDR.  You probably can’t even tell.  I also booted the sharpness up in photoshop.