The world is beautiful

And it’s even more beautiful through a lens.


A Mixed Bag of Pyestock Goodness

Over seven visits, a decade of dereliction,  some of the best times, with the best partners in exploration, crawling through dirt, snow and every tunnel we can find, capturing as much of the beauty and the scale of Pyestock as we can.  The pints in the computer house, the post-explore burgers,  the blood, sweat and the fear, the security scares, the dog chases and the jeep hunts.  The death knell has been rung, but Pyestocks legacy will always live on.

Reflections of the night

Appologies for the lack of posting over easter.  I’ve done several shoots just been too drunk or too lazy to actually upload anything onto the blog.  Anyway, tonight I went down to the reserve to shoot tonights beautifully clear sky.  Tonight was also the first time I’ve seen the moon in two weeks, and I’ve been looking out for it.