The Closest Thing To Space

My shoots become progressivly more impulsive.  At college I was (reluctantly) taught to plan every shoot.   Biggest waste of time ever.  It’s all about seizing the opertunity, which is how most of my current shoots transpire and it’s what happened tonight.

I moved out onto a fishing jetty on the pond, where I was surrounded by fog, in the middle of what felt like nothing, with the stars hanging in the sky above me, it felt like the closest thing to space that i’ll ever have the oppertunity to feel in my lifetime.   This then transpired into a major buzzkill as my current set up, physically can’t capture the stars in good quality, particularly in so much fog, so I decided to whack out an incredibly cheesy photomanipulation;


Summer Jam – Not my usual work

First off, mega appologies for not posting in a matter of weeks.  I got busy with exams, spending time in New York and starting work with some lovely folks in a pet shop.

Todays post is a little different to my usual work.  It was a flyer and poster set for Summer Jam Ibiza 2010 (ironicly in woking, not ibiza)  at the bed bar.  Get down there and say I sent you, and earn me some more money!

Enjoy and I hope you guys hear from me soon!