Up Close with the Beast

So as i said in a previous post, it’s all about seizing the opertunity.  That and angering cows until they are about ready to gore you.   Very satisfied with how they came out.


this last one was taken by my mum, documenting me up close and personal with the highland cattle

The Closest Thing To Space

My shoots become progressivly more impulsive.  At college I was (reluctantly) taught to plan every shoot.   Biggest waste of time ever.  It’s all about seizing the opertunity, which is how most of my current shoots transpire and it’s what happened tonight.

I moved out onto a fishing jetty on the pond, where I was surrounded by fog, in the middle of what felt like nothing, with the stars hanging in the sky above me, it felt like the closest thing to space that i’ll ever have the oppertunity to feel in my lifetime.   This then transpired into a major buzzkill as my current set up, physically can’t capture the stars in good quality, particularly in so much fog, so I decided to whack out an incredibly cheesy photomanipulation;

New York 2010

Coming from a relatively tiny town, New York is a shock to the system in its scale.  The city and everything within it is comically oversized.  I spent my days there being a mega tourist, riding in the open top tour-busses, which teach you vastly helpfull knowledge, like why new york archecture is ‘setback’ in layers.  (for fears that execcessive ammounts of skyscrapers would block the sun from hitting the streets, in the same way that clearly, the excessive ammount of fat is blocking the blood flow to their brains).

heres a selection of the stuff i caught on camera